Fruit Mince Pies are generally Mr 8’s thing to do in the kitchen at Christmas.  He can, and does (sometimes) make his own dough, but with the business of work and Christmas, this job often falls into my lap (at the last minute), as it did this Christmas.  So […]

Fruit Mince Pies

We don’t entertain much.  It’s not that we don’t like our friends, it’s just that  with so many little ones in the house, by the time the weekend arrives, we are POOPED!!  And the thought of all that cleaning, shopping and preparing is just too much for these two tired […]

Citrus Tart

Yesterday Miss 3 (almost four now!) and I dropped the big kids off at school and then headed off to pick up Grandma and take her to Grandparents Day at our Kindy.  We LOVE our Kindy!  Which is probably why for the past 7 years one, and sometimes two of […]

Grandparents Day at Kindy

  It’s school holidays, and I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m living in the kitchen.  And while I love cooking, I’d rather be enjoying this time playing with my kids, going to the park, shooting bubbles with our new water pistols and trying out new craft […]

Butterscotch Pudding