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We don’t entertain much.  It’s not that we don’t like our friends, it’s just that  with so many little ones in the house, by the time the weekend arrives, we are POOPED!!  And the thought of all that cleaning, shopping and preparing is just too much for these two tired […]

Citrus Tart

  I have been so busy exercising my Mummyness lately (that’s code for cleaning and re-organising my house) that I haven’t had time to share some of the great recipes I collected from my mother-in-law’s stash of cookbooks.  But today I have decided to take a quick break and share […]

Ginger Beef

Yesterday Miss 3 (almost four now!) and I dropped the big kids off at school and then headed off to pick up Grandma and take her to Grandparents Day at our Kindy.  We LOVE our Kindy!  Which is probably why for the past 7 years one, and sometimes two of […]

Grandparents Day at Kindy

What’s your crazy night?  Ours is probably Thursdays because the girls have dancing  in the evening, so on Thursdays the Crockpot is my friend.  I found this recipe for Crockpot Fajitas in one of the new cookbooks I found in my Mother-In-Law’s kitchen cupboard a couple of weeks ago, and […]

Crockpot Chicken Fajitas

  Excuse me a moment while I do a little boasting and admire my two perfectly roasted chickens.  Perfect, did I say Perfect?  Why yes I did, and they were quite spectacular.  Even if I do say so myself.  In fact, I can see myself roasting a few more chickens […]

BBQ Chicken

  My Mother-In-Law has a secret!  Nothing really earth shattering, but I’m pretty excited about it.  She has secretly been  updating her supply of  cookbooks.  She shared her little secret with me a couple of weeks ago when we went to The Sunshine Coast for a weekend catch-up.  There we […]

Sate Beef

  School holidays are an excellent time to try out new lunch box recipes with the kids.  If they totally hate it I can make them something quick and easy like a Vegemite Sandwich so they don’t starve, and if they like it…Bonus!!  And if Mr8 and I like it, […]

Greek Yoghurt Chicken Salad

  This is one of those meals that I like to keep for a Friday night.  It’s quick and easy, but feels like you are having Indian Take-away.  And it’s not too spicy for the kids either, so even my picky eater, The Vegemite Kid (who, I might add,  even […]

Indian Chicken Bites

So, who do we know that would be crazy enough to plan a last minute children’s birthday party, send invitations out and cater for it all with a week’s notice?  O.K.  Yes, it was me.  Why a week’s notice?  Well, it seems a lot of children were born in August […]

A Rapunzel Birthday