Not much to say this Saturday night  (I’m a little partied-out!) except that it’s quick, healthy and very, very tasty! Moroccan Rubbed Grilled Steak Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 tsp Ground Allspice 1 tsp Ground Cumin 1 tsp Ground Ginger 1 tsp Salt 1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon 1/2 tsp Ground Coriander 1/2 […]

Steak with Moroccan Seasoning

  It’s quick, easy and not to mention dense and moist.  This Coconut Cake will keep the kids happy after school this afternoon, and it may even give you a few minutes to yourself with a cuppa as they polish it off. Coconut Cake Ingredients: 1 Cup Coconut (dessicated or […]

Coconut Cake

I try really hard to make meals the whole family will eat.  Sometimes I break the rules, like on the weekend if I’m trying to have a Date Night At Home with Mr8.  That’s when I’ll make something the kids really want for dinner, set them up with a movie […]

Savoury Italian Grilled Chicken with Marinated Vegetables

  I found a great little recipe for Shredded Beef Chimichangas the other day, but it seemed unnecessarily fiddly to me, so I changed it up a bit and converted it to a Crockpot Recipe.  I’m in love with my Crockpot at the moment and I’m building a collection of […]

Shredded Beef Chimichangas

  Let me start by telling you something about myself that you might not already know.  I’m not always very organised.  Well, I kind of am, otherwise this house of 8 would be in complete and total chaos instead of  the occasional chaos we are currently experiencing.  I’m a planner. […]

Healthy Tandoori Chicken

  Manic Monday is over and it’s time to finally catch up on some recipes I have been meaning to post for a while now.  Best do it before I forget what I have photographed and start guessing!  So let’s start with Sunday, it’s fresh in my mind and as […]

Our Sunday Night Menu

  After an afternoon of helping the kids finish off their homework for the week, I suddenly found myself with nothing planned for dinner last night.  Ouch!  Then Chicken Tacos popped into my head.  I’ve never made them before, but they looked quick and easy and my kids love tacos. […]

Chicken Tacos

  I don’t usually fuss too much with desserts on weeknights, but Peach Cobbler is a sinch to throw together while you get dinner ready, so there’s really no excuse not to make it, now is there?!  Oh, and it contains fruit, so you could even try arguing that it’s […]

Peach Cobbler

As much as I love to hide myself away in the kitchen trying out new recipes, on busy days I love the convenience of turning on the crockpot and walking away.  This recipe for Slow Cooker Sesame Chicken will tickle your taste buds and have you coming back for more. […]

Sweet Slow Cooker Sesame Chicken

  Sometimes you have to tinker with a recipe to get it just the way you like it.  And that’s how I’ve been spending my Saturdays, tinkering with my Crockpot Yoghurt recipe so I can get it just the way we like it.  For a start, milk comes in 3 […]

New Improved Crockpot Yoghurt