Fruit Mince Pies are generally Mr 8’s thing to do in the kitchen at Christmas.  He can, and does (sometimes) make his own dough, but with the business of work and Christmas, this job often falls into my lap (at the last minute), as it did this Christmas.  So […]

Fruit Mince Pies

  Whenever I’m planning to bake a cake, the Love of My Life chimes in with “An Orange Cake?”  No dear, not everyone in this house loves Orange Cake more than any other cake in the world.  Some of us like lemons and Chocolate!  And then, if I choose to […]

Glazed Orange Scones

  It’s quick, easy and not to mention dense and moist.  This Coconut Cake will keep the kids happy after school this afternoon, and it may even give you a few minutes to yourself with a cuppa as they polish it off. Coconut Cake Ingredients: 1 Cup Coconut (dessicated or […]

Coconut Cake