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There are only 6 or maybe 7 weeks of the school term left, and life is only going to get busier as we get nearer and nearer to Christmas, so menu planning is going to become even more vital in our household.  Finding time to sit down and do it however is a different thing, especially when I don’t like to make the same things over and over again.  I like to be spontaneous, and if I see a new recipe I like, I’ll make it for dinner and throw my plan out the window.  This can cause problems with not only my budget, but my time management.  Funny how the kids like to eat BEFORE they fall asleep on the couch waiting for dinner!  So I have to be practical, have a plan and do my best to stick to it, saving spontanaeity for the weekends.  This week I have managed to plan in a few newies (I just made that word up) that are of the chuck it in the oven and wait variety.  New but easy. And, of course, our new family favourite Taco Salad Dippers is going to make an appearance this Friday night.  So, here’s what we’re eating in Sunny Queensland this week:

Week 42

Monday 22nd October – Sunday 28th October 2012

Monday – Nigella’s Spanish Chicken with Chorizo  and Potatoes

Tuesday – Grilled Parmesan and Lemon Chicken, tossed green salad and Hasselback Potatoes with Thyme and Garlic

Wednesday – Shredded Beef  Tacos (using soft tortillas)

Thursday – Portuguese Style Chicken Pieces served with Piri Piri Sauce, Natural Yoghurt, rice and stir-fried veges

Friday – Taco Salad Dippers

Saturday –  BBQ – Rump Steak with Italian Parmesan Paste, Baked Potatoes,  Spinach Salad with Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions and Cannellini Beans

Sunday – Chicken in a Light Cream Sauce with Rice and Broccoli

Happy Cooking!

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