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Menu Plan

November 16th, 2012 | Posted by Rebekah in Uncategorized

Tis the Season to …………. Get Busier and Busier and Busier!!!!!!!!!  I guess it’s only to be expected at this time of year, last term of school, cadets and youth groups etc. finishing up for the year, and not to mention Christmas is well and truly on it’s way, but how on earth do my kids manage to have so many friends born in November and December?  It’s Birthday Party Central here, and I don’t know whether I am buying birthday presents or Christmas presents, but it’s all good.  We set a budget and there are so many good bargains around at the moment, and of course the kids are having a blast, which is the main thing.  It’s like having a bunch of farewell parties, especially for kindy as the kids are all off to different schools next year for prep, and it’s nice to have a chance to catch up with all of the other mums. So here’s my menu for another busy week:

Week 45

Monday 12th November – Sunday 18th November 2012

Monday – Bacon and Mushroom Chicken in a Garlic Cream Sauce (recipe coming)

Tuesday – Beef  Chimichangas with Traditional Mexican Rice

Wednesday – Crumbed Chicken with Home-made Chips, corn on the cob and a green salad

Thursday – Rump Steak with Peppercream Sauce for us and our teenager, Tasty Chicken Meatballs for the kids, creamy rosemary potato stacks, carrots, broccoli and corn on the cob

Friday – Shanghai Chicken Wings with Basmati Rice

Saturday – Roast Beef, roasted vegetables, gravy and Yorkshire Pudding

Sunday – Santa Fe Spice Rub (for Grilled Chicken), potato salad, rice salad and green salad, garlic bread

Happy Cooking!

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