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Sometimes you have to tinker with a recipe to get it just the way you like it.  And that’s how I’ve been spending my Saturdays, tinkering with my Crockpot Yoghurt recipe so I can get it just the way we like it.  For a start, milk comes in 3 litre bottles, not 4, so I’ve adjusted it to use one 3 litre bottle.  That way when I’m at the supermarket I can just grab one extra bottle of milk for yoghurt.  I’ve also decided to add all of the sugar and the gelatine (which I have also increased) when I add the natural yoghurt, and it’s working perfectly.  We like to flavour most of our yoghurt, so I have increased the gelatine to 10 teaspoons to allow for the puréed fruit which makes your yoghurt runnier.  So far this recipe is a winner with the kids, great in muffins and I have been using the unflavoured natural yoghurt in other recipes like my curries with positive results.  Yoghurt making is my new Saturday morning habit.  I pop on the crockpot then walk away and clean the house for a couple of hours, come back, add some sugar, gelatine and natural yoghurt, then walk away for the afternoon.  It couldn’t be easier, or cheaper.  Depending on the flavour, I think we are spending a maximum of about $4.50 for 3 litres of yoghurt!  Last week I made, Vanilla, Peach and Mixed Berry.  Yum!!

New Improved Crockpot Yoghurt


3 Litres Milk

1/2 Cup Active Culture Plain Yoghurt

1/2 Cup Sugar

10 tsp Gelatine

Vanilla, Pureed Fruit etc. to flavour


Pour the milk into your crockpot, set it at low and walk away for 2 1/2 hours.

After 2 1/2 hours, unplug your crockpot and leave it sit for another 3 hours.  You want your milk to come down to a luke warm temperature, no lower, so keep an eye on it.  You want to be able to put your finger in the milk and keep it there comfortable for at least 10 seconds without burning your finger.

Take 2 cups of your luke warm milk and combine it in a mixing bowl with the sugar, gelatine and natural yoghurt.

Pour this mixture back into your crockpot, give it a quick whisk, put the lid on and wrap your entire crockpot in a thick towel and leave it to sit for 8 hours.

The longer your yoghurt sits beyond the 8 hour mark, the more tart and tangy it will be, so set your timer!

After 8 hours, remove the towel and place your yoghurt into the fridge to chill and you’re done!

Congratulations!  You have just made Yoghurt!

How easy is that?

If you have new flavour combinations to share, pop over to my FB page, we’d love to try them.


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